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Isaiah 11:2          “the Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him, a Spirit of wisdom and understanding,   a Spirit of counsel and strength,  a Spirit of knowledge and of  fear of the Lord.”

          I’m a real advocate of the Holy Spirit.  It is my concern that many born-again believer believe in Jesus Christ but as for the Holy Spirits involvement in our lives, we fail to see or understand the significance of the Holy Spirit.  It is very simple to understand and to allow the Holy Spirits power in our lives as Christians.  The first step is Salvation.  “Ye must be born-again.”  John 3:3            Once one believes in Jesus Christ as your Savior, you have Everlasting Life.  John 3:36

  Immediately upon Salvation, the Holy Spirit of God comes to dwell in your heart and life.  John 14:16 So – what is it that the Holy Spirit will do in us if we abide in His Word?  According to Isaiah the Holy Spirit will REST upon us.  The Holy Spirit will give us WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING.  The Holy Spirit will COUNCIL us and give us STRENGTH.  The Holy Spirit will give us KNOWLEDGE of the Word of God’s ways.

          You may need these virtues in your life, at work, in the home with your spouse and children.  Just remember, Jesus believed upon the Holy Spirit to get HIM through the attacks of Satan and HE was victorious because of the truth of God’s Word.  YOU CAN TOO

                                                                                      Pastor Steve O.

Bunkertown Brethren Church | McAlisterville, PA 17049

Pastor Wes Stahl

Pastor Wes Stahl is an ordained minister with the International Fellowship of Bible Churches. (www.ibfc.org) He has studied at Ames International School of Ministry, The Wesley Institute, has a degree in Architecture from Pennsylvania College of Technology, and a ministry certificate in Bible Studies from Southern Methodist College. He and his wife Vickie helped to plant a new church in Vicksburg Pa where they served as assistants, board members, and trained for ministry under their lead pastor for 5 years. Pastor Wes worked for 25 years in construction and owned and operated an Architectural Drafting business until 2015 when he accepted the call to full-time ministry as the lead pastor at Bunkertown Brethren Church. Vickie worked in food service and manufacturing while raising 4 children but has blossomed as a true servant of Christ in supporting the ministry in Christian Love. Pastor Wes and Vickie have a passion for ministry based on Ephesians 4:12. Together Pastor Wes and Vickie have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.


“Welcome to the Bunkertown Brethren Church. Vickie and I are blessed to be called by God to shepherd His flock in Bunkertown since 2015. Vickie and I believe that Jesus gave us a great example of discipleship and disciple making in leading the disciples, investing in the 12, and training the 3. We purpose our lives to being disciplined and to helping disciple others in the same manner. We believe that beyond worship service; Sunday School, Bible Study, and especially small groups are ways to train, encourage, and hold each other accountable. Vickie and I are committed to the study of the Word of God as the authoritative and inerrant Scriptures and we use these scriptures as our complete counsel in living.
God Bless”
-Pastor Wes and Vickie Stahl

Bunkertown Brethren Church | McAlisterville, PA 17049

Assistant Pastor Steve Osenga

Pastor Steve Osenga has been a minister of the Gospel for 49 yrs. He is ordained with the International Fellowship of Bible Churches. Pastor Steve has pastored several churches, served as Associate pastor and planted a new church. He is presently serving at the Bunkertown Brethren Church – an Independent Fellowship as the Associate Pastor. His primary ministry is the Senior Adult Group and coordinator of Small Group ministry, he teaches an Adult Sunday School Class and preach when Pastor Wes is absent. His wife Shirley’s gift is hospitality and loves serving the Lord with her gift. Together Pastor Steve and Shirley have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren with which they are very blessed. Psalm 100:5 “For the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.”


“As the Associate Pastor at Bunkertown Brethren Church, Shirley and I are thankful to God to be able to minister at BBC. Our primary place of service is to our senior adults. It is our goal to honor our seniors and to respect their wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word. Psalm 23 gives all HIS children encouragement for life now and for eternity because the “Lord is my shepherd”.

May God bless all His children as we worship, honor and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at Bunkertown Brethren Church.”
– Pastor Steve and Shirley Osenga

Bunkertown Brethren Church | McAlisterville, PA 17049

Secretary Lisa Krall

In September of 2017 the Bunkertown Church employed Lisa Krall as the church secretary. Previously, Lisa and her husband Gary lived in Lebanon County, Pa where they owned and operated a dairy farm for 25 years. Lisa also worked as an office assistant for the Cornwall- Lebanon School District. Gary and Lisa moved to Juniata county in 2017 after selling their dairy farm and are now the owners of Stoney Creek Puppies in Thompsontown. Gary and Lisa served Midway Church as youth advisors in the past and have been serving our church as youth leaders for 2 years.

Administrative Pastor: Vacant- Now Hiring!

Bunkertown Brethren Church is seeking an Associate Pastor specializing in Administration to help lead our growing church. The job description is linked here. All applicants are invited to submit their resume and a copy of the application to bunkertownpastorsearch@gmail.com.

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